Adults with Autism

Today I perused the New York times as I do on most Sundays.  My ritual is occupying a chair at Dancing Goats Coffee after meditation.  It’s calming and I really like the cheese and herb scone.  On this Sunday I run across an opinion article, Adult, Autistic and Ignored, how fortuitous.  This backs up one purpose for making ASPIE Girls which is what happens when kids with autism grow up?

Each of my friends that I’ve followed over the years is an adult with Aspergers syndrome and functioning as an adult without parental or family support is not only difficult, but sometimes dangerous.  Aging parents are left with securing a way to make sure that their Aspie adult child will be in a good situation when they can no longer care for them.

With the growing population of people on the autism spectrum, I think it is society that really needs to pay it forward to take care of adults with autism.






Fresh Start

Social awkwardness does not mean non-social.  The desire to have friends and be social exists for many people with Aspergers Syndrome.  Rejection, teasing and feeling out-of-place colors past social situations and a fresh start is constantly on the horizon.  Mame loves the idea of having friends and a thriving social life.  Each year she mounts a party for her Asperger’s group and can happily be herself.

A fresh start is embedded into our psyches.  Articles about reinvention encourage us to become the “best me” or “another me”.  We seek to leave the past behind and begin again.  Is that really possible?  Maybe enjoying those moments when we can open up our personalities without editing is what we seek.